I’m Sam. I write code and other gibberish.

When I’m lucky it’s English, python, or a lisp. I’m not too lucky though, so it’s usually CSS or javascript.

This is where I throw things that I either need to remember, things that I think may be useful to others, or things that I just plain want to say.

I’ve been at the computer thing for a long time.

I like to draw. I love pixel art, ANSI/ASCII art, the demo scene. I have a special admiration for algorithmically generated art.

I’m fascinated with robotics, especially stuff having to do with computer vision. When finances allow I love to tinker with electronics.

Cartoons are great, especially sci-fi heavy ones. The ones that can predict the future accurately get extra points. I have a big list of favorites. My literary tastes follow my sci-fi roots.

I have been trying to quit gaming all together.. but I have been putting together ideas that I would like to someday develop into a game.

You can find me on Github, Bitbucket, Google+, Twitter, Pinboard, The Well, and on freenode IRC(nick: seg).

Let’s chat. Good old email is probably the best way to get hold of me.